Prostate Cancer Risk in Men

Written By Argo Merdiyanse on 20/09/11 | 04.00

Prostate Cancer Risk in Men - The pattern of life and a bad environment increases the risk of male reproductive organ disorders. How to stay healthy?

Among men, prostate cancer are health problems that warrant concern. The prostate is a sex gland found only in men. Its function is to produce sperm / semen and keep the sperm in order to stay alive.

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized seeds. It lies below the bladder surrounding the base of the urinary tract. In carrying out its functions, the prostate gland requiring hormone testosterone produced by the testes (testicles).

As for prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the prostate gland. Cells of the prostate gland grow abnormally out of control that damage surrounding tissue.

Prostate cancer is rare in men under 40 years old. Most sufferers aged over 50 years. However, it does not mean young men need not beware. Just so you know, the cancer spread is very slow and most do not cause symptoms.

Although the cause is not yet clear, it is suspected there are several possible risk factors for the emergence of prostate cancer. Among them:

So the higher the risk if it proves that there are relatives diagnosed with prostate cancer. If your father or brother with prostate cancer, mean high risks.

Consumption patterns
From various research disclosed, diet can influence the increased likelihood of someone suffering from cancer, of any kind. In fact, nutritionists states, 80-90 percent of cancer cases is closely related to food intake. Various studies have said the risk would increase if a person's daily consumption of a diet high in fat.

Smoking and drinking alcohol is suspected to trigger prostate cancer. In addition, often have multiple sexual partners also opened the chance of infections cancer-causing viruses that are transmitted through unprotected sex.

Industry workers who come into contact with a long metal cadmium (batteries fabric), as well as other chemicals at high risk of prostate cancer.

While the symptoms of prostate cancer can be read here


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