Early Detection, Prevent Prostate Cancer

Written By Argo Merdiyanse on 25/08/11 | 07.30

 Early Detection, Prevent Prostate Cancer - Men who entered the elderly high-risk prostate cancer. The number of prostate cancer incidence in the last 10 years continues to increase in Asia. number of people with this disease increased almost threefold in the last 10 years. Thus, prostate cancer cancer dubbed the third largest cause of male deaths.

Prostate cancer is called a cause of cancer death in men over the age of 74 years. In the early stages, prostate cancer does not show typical symptoms. However, because of advanced age is a risk factor for prostate cancer, the older men are encouraged to do a digital rectal examination or Digital Rectal Examination (DRE).

Examination as a way to detect the presence of hard lumps of irregular shape every year. This is an effort of early detection of the presence of this disease. This advice, it is recommended for men aged over 50 years. Or, it could be done since the age of 40 years, especially for men who have a history of prostate cancer in the family.

There are several symptoms of prostate cancer. Among them, difficulty urinating or holding, the flow of urine is weak or disturbed, waking at night to urinate, feeling pain or burning during urination. Blood in the urine or semen, harder erections and ejaculation pain is another symptom of prostate disorders. When you experience it, it is recommended immediately went to the doctor.

If already affected by prostate cancer, treatment is tailored to the stadium suffered. Generally, surgery is performed for patients with life expectancy more than 10 years.

While patients with a life expectancy of 50-10 years will be given radiotherapy. Patients with a life expectancy of less than 5 years, or if there are contraindications to surgery or radiotherapy, it shall be given chemotherapy.

The action of chemotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer is usually carried out if the cancer has been resistant to other therapies such as hormone therapy


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