Ten Reasons Not Need to Undergo Plastic Surgery

Written By Argo Merdiyanse on 13/09/11 | 10.14

Ten Reasons Not Need to Undergo Plastic Surgery - Perhaps you will feel anxious every time I see the wrinkles that start to appear on the face. Or, confidence sagging when noticed in some parts of your body looks sagged.

Alternatively, you also do not like the shape of the nose, eyes or the shape of your breasts. As a result, you start to consider plastic surgery. Eits!, do not rush. If you think back, you'll find ten reasons not require 'makeovers' face or body.

What are the reasons?

1. Every woman has a different beauty. If you have a physical shortage, make it unique to you.

2. You definitely want to look like yourself. You do not want to look like everyone else, they are as famous as any.

3. Plastic surgery will not change who you are. So, once again try what you ask yourself, why do it?

4. Those who underwent 'makeovers' face or body is often due to lack confidence. Look around you, there are other ways that can boost your confidence. Among other things, family and friends.

5. Plastic surgery, although fairly safe, but keep the number of hidden risks. The most severe, can occur when undergoing a procedure error, or an infection after surgery.

6. The results of operations are not always what you want. Sure, you may feel disappointed when a nose or eye shape does not fit you want.

7. Effects of plastic surgery can leave the excruciating pain, so it takes a long time for recovery.

8. If you want to entice others to undergo plastic surgery, you do it for the wrong reason.

9. Make up can conjure up a better appearance. Different from plastic surgery, wearing makeup is not painful, and cheaper.

10. Your body will change with age, despite having undergone plastic surgery. In other words, you will also need to undergo more plastic surgery to constantly improve the appearance.

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