Couples Seduce with Shining White Teeth

Written By Argo Merdiyanse on 11/09/11 | 09.04

Couples Seduce with Shining White Teeth - Having a beautiful smile and sparkling white teeth turned out to be the main attraction of the opposite sex. Big smile by flashing bright white teeth also make you appear more confident when meeting people.

So, not surprisingly, has proved a brilliant white teeth can bring hockey harmony to your love life and the spouse.

In fact, a study has shown how important it is to have brilliant white teeth. National survey of the American Dental Association found that people with a big smile by flashing white teeth has ranked highest as the most attractive physical traits. Even more interesting from the eyes, sexy body and beautiful hair.

A smile also makes people interested in wanting to help you. Several years ago, French researchers studied one group of people who dropped their stuff and smiling at passers-by, with the other group that dropped stuff without smiling.

Thirty percent of the passers-by, stopped to help those who gave a smile. While only 20 percent of the group did not give a smile, who get help.

Finally, many studies show that with a smile you could actually get a signal of happiness and joy in the brain by activating zygotic muscle. It also shows evidence, a smile can transmit happiness to yourself and those around you.

As quoted from page Yourtango, both men and women try to show a beautiful smile by flashing bright white teeth. One of the easiest and most widely used to beautify your smile is through teeth whitening.

In fact, many men and women who perform teeth whitening procedures to increase confidence. Not only women are identical to the teeth whitening process, men are also many who are interested. Even according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, up to one third of teeth whitening procedures performed by male patients.

Tooth whitening product demand has also increased over 300% in the last five years. Teeth whitening procedures through cosmetic dental clinic also become a popular method among patients aged 20-50 years.


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